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Religions represented in the city of Throneport.

  • The Sovereign Host—Most common in the majority of the world, but less influential in Throneport.
  • The Silver Flame—A small but influential presence in Throneport, the chosen religion of the player characters.
  • The Path of Light—The religion of Adar’s Kalashtar population, it has recently usurped The Silver Flame as the quickest growing religion in Throneport.
  • The Spirits of the Past—Native to the elven people of Aerenal, a form of ancestor worship that mercenary Valenar elves have brought to Throneport.
  • The Undying Court—Also a by-product of the mercenary elven tribes, this religion focuses on the worship of ancestors who have transcended death.

Player Characters

  • Alex—
  • Bjorn—??? Avenger
  • Britt—
  • Cheri—
  • Lance—
  • Je—??? Malediction Invoker

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